Neologisms in the OED

Part 1:  Neologisms

In the dictionary section choose “date of first citation” and then 2000-2015.  Browse these new words in English (accepted by the dictionary). In your blog posting, discuss some of them thinking about the following questions.

  • what domain are the majority of words in?
  • are there any surprises?
  • do you have favorites?


Categories in the OED

Part 2:  Categories

The first part of the assignment will be to browse the categories of the OED, in particular region or origin.  Please pick a non-English dominant country.  Explore a dozen words from that region or origin.  In your blog posting, write about what you find.

  • When did these words enter the language?
  • What subjects do they concern?
  • What kinds of sources are listed for these words?



Timelines of the OED

Part 3:  Timelines

Again exploring region and origin, make note of periods when certain certain origins were very important for the OED.  Browse some examples looking for patterns.  Check these against subjects.  Make a screenshot of the charts you generate to use for your blog posting.