Spring 2016 Schedule
Readings should be completed for the day they are listed.

There is one required book: Seth Lerer, Inventing English: A Portable History of the Language, available at the university bookstore.


Class meeting
M 25 Jan
No classes, Inauguration
W 27 Jan Intro, Course site, Course project, Create an anonymous email account at the site of your choice (this will be your WordPress avatar as well). Download Fulcrum, use your anonymous email.
F 29 Jan Medieval Britain, Lerer ch 1-3
M 1 Feb Global Englishes I : Phillipson ch 2, Nelson World Englishes and Corpora Studies
W 3 Feb Linguistic Landscapes:  Kallen/Dhonnacha, Spolsky/Cooper, WrisleyWikipedia
F 5 Feb Introduction to WordPress/Fulcrum, Pirate Pad
M 8 Feb Instructor away – Please collect 15 samples of language data using Fulcrum
W 10 Feb Lab: tagging the samples (HK)
F 12 Feb Chaucer, Lerer ch 5, Chaucer’s MFW glossary
M 15 Feb Middle English, Lerer, ch 6, Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English
W 17 Feb Optional: Center for Research on Population and Health, Research Incubation Seminar, Faculty of Health Sciences

Wrisley/Elbassouni “Extracting and analyzing Data from Texts: Literature, Computer Science and Public Health”, CRPH library, Van Dyck 3rd fl

Lab: Transcription of a Medieval Manuscript, skim Bolter/Grusin on remediation
M 22 Feb Lab: Caxton‘s printing, Lerer ch 8, The Atlas of Early Printing
W 24 Feb Shakespeare, Lerer ch 9
F 26 Feb Lab : map tutorial (HK), before class, create an academy account at CartoDB. Time permitting, check out their map academy.
M 29 Feb IN CLASS QUIZ 1 – Topic List here
W 2 Mar KJV and Bible translations into English: slides, King James Bible Online, King James Bible full text
F 4 Mar Lexical Expansion in Early Modern English, Lerer ch 10; Early Modern Conversions (DREAM)

Assignment on Semantic Change

M 7 Mar Johnson, Lerer, ch 12, Demaria (available on campus), his dictionary here.
W 9 Mar Webster, Lerer, ch 13, Reed, his dictionary here.
F 11 Mar Lab: Comparative Lexicography
M 14 Mar OED, Lerer ch 17, Winchester
W 16 Mar Lab: Exploring the Spatiotemporality of the OED, Williams
F 18 Mar Lab:  Making your own map with our linguistic landscape data, embedding in WordPress, skim Aiestaran, Cenoz and Gorter, De Klerk/Wiley, Reh
M 21 Mar No class
W 23 Mar IN CLASS QUIZ 2 postponed
F 25 Mar Latin Good Friday
M 28 Mar Latin Easter Monday
W 30 Mar N American Englishes, Lerer ch 13-14, North American Dialect Map, Telsur Project
F 1 Apr LAUD presentation lecture
M 4 Apr Holiday, no class
F 8 Apr N American Englishes, Lerer ch 15-16, Ethnologue for North American Languages
M 11 Apr Big Data and Black Twitter; #BLM data (29 March), #BLM tweet body raw text / wordcloud; #BLM self-description raw data / wordcloud,  BLM follower map, BLM retweet map
W 13 Apr Global English, Phillipson, ch2 and ch5, Mesthrie, Crystal
Linear English
F 15 Apr Lab: Exploring Global Englishes with Glowbe
M 18 Apr English in ME; Mahboob, NYT
W 20 Apr English in China; Why China English should stand alongside British, American, and the other ‘world Englishes’; Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English
F 22 Apr Final Work
M 25 Apr Final Work


W 27 Apr Final Work
F 29 Apr Greek Good Friday
M 1 May Greek Easter Monday

all work due 7 May