Fall 2015 Schedule

Readings should be completed for the day they are listed.

Week 1 (2-4 Sept) 

2 Sept Introduction, Syllabus

4 Sept Discussion of Collective Project; Fulcrum download.

Week 2 (7-11 Sept)

7 Sept  Opening Ceremony. No class.

9 Sept  Missed class due to weather, made up 23 Sept

11 Sept  Medieval Background, Lerer 1-53; McCrum 3-40.

Week 3 (14-18 Sept)  Variance / Contact / WordPress

14 Sept Transcription lab

16 Sept English and French, McCrum ch 2, Lerer ch 4

18 Sept Wordpress clinic, meet in Fisk lab 204a

Week 4 (21 Sept)

21 Sept Group data consultation & making of a WordPress page for the transcription exercise, meet in Fisk lab 204a

23 Sept Chaucer, Lerer ch 5, McCrum pp. 58-60, Chaucer’s MFW glossary, Chaucer database

Middle English dictionary

24-25 Sept, Eid. No class.

Week 5 (28 Sept)

28 Sept  Caxton: McCrum, ch 3 and Lerer ch 8; exercise with Caxton’s prologuesThe Atlas of Early Printing

during missed classes:

(1) prepare a page on your course wordpress for the map (embed this: https://djw.cartodb.com/api/v2/viz/69c146b2-5b7b-11e5-bb66-0e0c41326911/viz.json) and in your own words describe what you are doing in the mapping project,
(2) continue with independent data collection
(3) explore the whole dataset and write a blog post describing a feature or two that you find important
(4) write a blog post reflecting on using the Chaucer database; choose two of Lerer’s examples of Chaucerian language and look for them in the database (vocabulary from Romance languages, 72; inversion of verb/object, 75; multiplied negation, 75; use of singular/plural, formal/informal pronouns, 76; alliterative pairings, 77)
(Rasha’s tips: Don’t forget to click “Add texts to search,” To make a 2nd search, clear your old search!)
(5) prepare for in-class response

Week 6 (5-9 Oct)

7 Oct  In class response – this is a closed-book exercise, pen to paper, timed at 50 minutes. There will be a choice of 4 questions and you pick 2 to answer.

9 Oct  Lerer ch 6, Middle English dialects; A Grand Challenge for Linguistics (Bender/Good)

Dialect map of the UK (scroll down in blog) and 2nd Dialect map of the UK
A Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English
Regional Dialect Variation in the Continental US (Katz)
How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk (NYT, Dec 2013)

Week 7 (12-16 Oct) – Data days and KJV

12 Oct data day (bring a device and in pairs compare and correct data).

14 Oct NO class.  Holiday.

16 Oct KJV lecture  KJV exhibition at BYU

To explore: King James Bible Online

To mine: King James Bible full text at Project Gutenberg

Week 8 (19-23 Oct)

Early Modern Lexicography (Johnson, Webster) / Exploring Dictionaries

19 Oct  McCrum 147-170 (important part, 147-150), Lerer, ch 12, skim article by Demaria (available on campus)

Explore Johnson’s dictionary here.

21 Oct article by Reed (available on campus), Lerer ch 13

Explore Webster’s dictionary or here

23 Oct Lab exercise: Comparing Johnson and Webster.  Instructions here.

Week 9 (26-30 Oct) 

Codes  : IPA / Unicode / TEI-XML exercise

26 Oct  In-class work on blog postings

28 Oct – IPA and Unicode

30 Oct (Lab day) CAH talk Dr James Hodapp: “Weapon of Choice: The African Short Story from Decolonization to Prize Culture”, Building 37

Week 10 (2-6 Nov)

North America Englishes / Our Map Building

2 Nov  NO CLASS.  Attend the 150th anniversary of Arabic Protestant Bible Conference and write a blog posting.  Program here. You can attend any ONE of the lectures or sessions and/or the exhibition (Beirut or Mansourieh).  Please comment on the historical language rather than the religious aspect. You might compare to our discussions earlier of Chaucer, Caxton, the KJV, the Wycliffe Bible.  Here is a map of the location.

4 Nov  (lab day) Learning to make a digital map. 

In preparation for the 4 Nov lab day:
Create an academy account at CartoDB (obligatory, takes 2 minutes)
Check out the CartoDB map academy (time permitting)
Look at the workshop I gave at AUC in Cairo here (time permitting)

6 Nov  learning SQL

Week 11 (9-13 Nov) 

North America and the map

9 Nov Lerer ch 14, 15; Native American Languages; Dialects ArchiveDARE; Regional Dialects of American English; Telsur Project; North American Dialect MapEthnologue for North American Languages

11 Nov OFF

13 Nov (lab day) Importing Data into your digital map II – making mashups of maps and embedding them on your WordPress

Week 12 (16-20 Nov)  Projects and In-class exercise

16 Nov  Literature major seniors only should attend class at the regular hour (lunch provided).   The rest of the class should do work on your own for the final projects (see Requirements page: map page, map reflection blog, and Wildcard project).

18 Nov  Free time to work on your own for the final projects (instructor at a conference)

20 Nov  In-class exercise #2 (same format as last but picking up where the last list stopped)

Week 13 (23-27 Nov)

OED / Colonial fact and English / Word origins

23 Nov OED: Lerer, ch 17,  Winchester; Williams

25 Nov  Phillipson, ch2 and ch5

27 Nov (lab day) Discussion of the final project readings.

Week 14 (30 Nov – 4 Dec) – Wrapup, Final Project Blogs

30 Nov Williams, HEL in the 21st century; Tyler, On Redesigning a Syllabus from HEL

2 Dec  (lab) final project work in-class

4 Dec  (lab) final project work in-class

7 Dec  (lab) final project work in-class

End-of-semester project consultations: Monday 30 Nov 3-5pm, Wed 2 Dec, 3-5pm, Fri 4 Dec, 3-4pm

End-of-semester course evaluation here.

All work should be completed by 9 Dec.