ENGL229 – History of the English Language (HEL)
American University of Beirut
Department of English
MWF 1200-1250, Fisk 337


ENGL 229 is a course required of all English majors, Literature and Language.  It is a cultural history of the English language in a global context.  The course covers the historical evolution of the English language, attempts at standardizing English and its contact with other languages, as well as the contexts of its twenty-first century expansionThe course also introduces students to new technologies of curating, representing and analyzing language data.


Instructor: David Joseph Wrisley
Contact: dw04 (at) aub (dot) edu (dot) lb
Office: 323 Fisk Hall Phone: 3102
Office Hours: M 1500-1600 W 1100-1200, or by appt.